The Hospital de la Familia, located in the town of Nuevo Progreso, Guatemala, was formally opened and dedicated February 8, 1976. It exists due to the vision and commitment of three extraordinary individuals: Padre Cayetano Bertoldo, a local priest from Italy; Jack Younger, a San Francisco Bay Area contractor; and Jeanine Archimbaud, a Canadian dedicated to working in poor communities in Latin America.

In the late 1960’s, while working to serve the local community, Padre Bertoldo and Ms. Archimbaud identified a significant need for both education and medical care in the small, rural village of Nuevo Progreso. They established a makeshift clinic, a dispensary pharmacy, and a sewing school for women and girls.

Hospital de la Familia Foundation founders
Hospital de la Familia Foundation Founders

In the early 1970’s they met Jack Younger, who also recognized that the needs of the people in this area, primarily indigenous Maya, were much greater and required a larger effort. Mr. Younger, who was a member of the San Francisco-based private club called The Family Club of San Francisco, raised the initial $100,000 from club members to fund the construction of the hospital. The project began in 1972, with local Guatemalans helping to build the initial structure. Upon completion it was named Hospital de la Familia.

Members of The Family Club of San Francisco continue to be a significant financial support to the organization. Many have volunteered on visiting teams and are also members of the Board of Directors.

While Ms. Archimbaud moved on to other projects, Padre Bertoldo Meda and Jack Younger remained the driving force behind the hospital until their deaths, Padre Bertoldo in 2004 and Mr. Younger in 2014.


Hospital de la Familia Foundation - operating room


HdlF treats nearly 20,000 patients annually. Guatemalan doctors provide general care and visiting U.S. medical teams perform specialized treatment and surgeries. Everyone receives care regardless of ability to pay.

Hospital de la Familia Foundation - optometrist


La Familia Eye Center is committed to preventing and reversing vision loss through high-quality, self-sustaining, and locally driven care in an environment of continuous learning and innovation.

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HdlF treats chronically malnourished and diseased children, ages 0-5 years, with an in-patient rehabilitation program. Thousands of other children are treated by HdlF Guatemalan doctors for out-patient therapy.

Hospital de la Familia Foundation - sponsored soccer program


We believe education is essential to ending poverty. The Foundation supports educational programs in Guatemala for both children and adults, including an elementary school and a nursing assistant school.

Hospital de la Familia Foundation local chidren in Guatemala with doc volunteer


“I have gone on 2 mission trips and very much miss all of the people in there. I wish everyone there all the best and look forward to future missions.”