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The Hospital de la Familia (HdlF) is in Nuevo Progreso, in the department of San Marcos, Guatemala. HdlF is a 70-bed hospital with Guatemalan medical and non-medical staff who provide inpatient and outpatient healthcare. People from surrounding communities and as far away as Southern Mexico, travel long distances by foot, bus, and sometimes car, to receive care at the Hospital. Three full-time Guatemalan general medicine doctors provide year-round primary care, including obstetric care and ultrasounds, and assist with normal childbirths. These physicians also staff the emergency room, where common conditions treated are trauma, respiratory infections, and complications from diabetes. The general practitioners are instrumental in screening patients for surgery prior to the arrival of the U.S. medical-surgical teams and manage the postoperative care after the teams leave the hospital.

According to the CDC, basic health and nutrition services only meet 54 percent of the needs of the rural populations in Guatemala. Most health services are in the larger cities and are not accessible to the rural and indigenous peoples.

Common Health Issues

  • type 2 diabetes

  • high blood pressure

  • respiratory infections

  • dengue fever

  • chronic malnutrition

  • parasites

  • cataracts

  • hearing loss from infections

Hospital de la Familia Foundation
Hospital de la Familia Foundation nurses

Year-Round Services at HdlF

  • Three full-time Guatemalan physicians provide general medical care.

  • Two Guatemalan ophthalmologists provide eye care and surgery in the state-of-the-art La Familia Eye Center (LFEC).
  • The 24-hour laboratory is staffed by three certified laboratory technicians.

  • The Dr. Keith Nolop Pharmacy provides low cost or free medications.

  • Patients pay for services on a sliding scale and are never turned away for inability to pay.

Hospital de la Familia Foundation medical team

U.S. Volunteer Medical Teams

Each year, the Foundation coordinates and sends seven to nine U.S. medical teams to HdlF to provide surgeries and specialty care, otherwise unavailable in the region. The selfless efforts of the volunteers, both medical and non-medical, make this organization possible, and it could not be done without them. The teams are comprised of selected doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, translators, and others, who work together with the Guatemalan staff to provide excellent care to as many patients as possible during the team visit. The teamwork and gratitude of the patients receiving care provides a truly life-changing experience for the volunteers and a better understanding of themselves as global citizens.

Medical Team Specialties

  • General Surgery

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Gynecologic Surgery

  • Audiology

  • Head and Neck Surgery

  • Eye Services including Optometry and Ocular surgery

If you are interested in volunteering on a team, please visit our Medical Team page for more information

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“My hearts love and support to you all at this challenging time. It was a beautiful experience to be a part of the medical team.”